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Regardless of who sits in the Kremlin or the White House, Russia and USA must get along for the sake of human existance.

(Russia on the left and America on the right)

Anyone who wants war between Russia and America is a complete retard.
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Well, so much for me ever wanting to touch pachislot machines in my lifetime.
Video games cause violence, video games cause misogyny, video games cause cancer, and now they cause fascism...god, the stupidity of that poster is hurting my brain cells.…
Okay, this is why Youtube really needs to overhaul their content control and that family values are needed so they don't let their kids see this really immature garbage:…
You know I just thought of something; recently Sega got some old Yakuza games for the PS2 rereleased to make up for the shortage (and reducing the prices no less), just to please gamers and game collectors. Mind you they are for a console that's two generations old (or rather two and a half old from my perspective), but still it makes me hopeful for a time when old games are rereleased for their respective platforms that are no longer supported by their companies yet plenty of gamers can go out and get them without worrying about high prices and such though as for the systems to play them, that's another story for another time (though I might be getting too optimistic here).
I read that John Cena, the wrestler promoting the upcoming Switch, called SNK (the company) "obsolete" during an interview. He's not entirely wrong, SNK still has a long way to go to truly impress those that don't care for fighters nor mobile games and that they have done some truly stupid decisions that would have made them bankrupt had it not been for the Chinese companies buying them out.
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It seems Jontron just can't keep getting shafted on ever since he shared his opinions on certain political subjects; first, he gets branded as a "Nazi" after having stream chats with people who don't even strike me as such, then he gets some hitpiece article on him after having a streaming debate with some schmuck named Destiny, and now he's getting kicked out from an upcoming game that's going to bring back the glory of 3D platformers.

I don't really care if you agree with Jontron on his opinions or not (I personally do on some of them but not all of them, especially the part where he claims discrimination is "completely gone" from US society which is pretty naïve of him to say that), the fact that plenty of folks slandered him and got the developers of Yooka-Laylee drop him just because he isn't the kind of person who subscribes to SJW or SJW-esque viewpoints disturbs me. They do nothing more than set bad precedents and I won't be surprised if more and more popular youtubers get the PR-crippling shaft; afterall it happened to Pewdiepie, who of course is the most popular AFAIK.

And as for Yooka-Laylee, I know I'm not getting it right off the shelves, maybe down the line at a reduced price; I wish I could boycott them but that wouldn't do any good IMO and could end up making things worse.


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Kubo Caskett
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Resident Japanophile from Indiana, USA

Autistic, likes cats and most small furry animals, along with gyros and Eastern noodle dishes.

USSR Sucks! by ND-Stamps First Amendement by Starlow-FTW i hate slow internet stamp by VexFox Anti-Nazi Stamp by RGMfighter14 Metal Slug Stamp by neomiguelangel .:Game Exchange Fan Stamp:. by BKcrazies0 Japanophobia by Mintaka-TK Egalitarianism vs Feminism by ExplosiveSquid Apparently, I'm a Nazi... by Mintaka-TK Also, I'm a Communist by Mintaka-TK Left-wingers are not fundamentally good, either. by Jewel-M Because You Cannot Deny the Past by Mintaka-TK Stamp: The Mainstream Media by CyberSakiKun Where do hostile relations lead? by Jewel-M


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I am getting to respect Appabend.
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Me too, especially with the politicized nonsense in pop culture and this revival of Jack Thompson-esque nuttery.
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Don't fly United Airlines.
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I was actually going to bring that up and that's what me and my family agreed on.
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I admit I prefer Coke over Pepsi though. ;)
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Not me, I'm still a Pepsi person; though I have to say I'm amused that the protest mentality ended up being commercialized sell-outs these days, like I don't know if I should be snickering at such commercials or face-palming at them.
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Turkey builds Gundam mobile suits.
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